Jessica & Mom // Salado, Texas

Where to even BEGIN with these two. They have such a sweet little story. Mom and daughter combos are the fiercest, most loving, most difficult, and BEST relationships God ever made, I do believe. These two are walking a difficult journey now and have been for a bit. Their friendship and the care they take of each other is simply inspiring. I've gotten to know them better this year as Jessica and I are both Lipsense distributors and avid readers so we get together often. They also love to shop at my Mom's adorable boutique - Twisted Sisters - in Jarrell, so I often go pop in when they're in town. 

Everyone is touched by cancer in some form or fashion. We all have parents, grand parents, best friends and/or children who have heard the devastating word "cancer" in the doctor's office. In my nursing life, I work with children and family's every day who hear this heartbreaking news right in our clinic. The strength these two women have to fight this battle - one the patient, one the caregiver - is phenomenal, God-given, and something to be applauded. Together these ladies are a true picture of teamwork, compassion and love. 

Jessica and Debbie are just precious and I am thankful to call them friends. I enjoyed our mother-daughter session SO much and know these photos will be so important to them and their families now and in the future. Keep being you, ladies. Because YOU are beautiful, strong and a light to us all.