Harvey Family // Salado, Texas

Did anyone know I got to photograph two of the One Direction band members a few weeks ago!? 

...I'm totally kidding. But don't these two guys totally have the One Direction superstar hair!?  These two get their hair cut at my mom's Barber shop in town and we always give them a hard time about being One Direction look-alikes. This made for some fun jokes at our session. We all met up in Salado and laughed our way through our session. But don't let these smiles fool you -- teenage boys are HARD to photograph. They don't think you're funny and they don't think you're cool. So I had to hone in on my skills of relating to this special population -- haha! ...and belting out 'Story of My Life' by One Direction does NOT do the trick. 

Harvey family -- thank ya'll so much for a great session. I enjoyed you guys very much. You are such a beautiful family! And thanks for letting me be a total weirdo trying to get your sons to laugh for me. All in a day's work...