Sweet Girl B // Salado, Texas

It was such a pleasure getting to photograph sweet B girl! This blog post is LONG overdue...worst blogger in the world, right here. However, she's too cute not to post...even if I'm months late. 

One thing I love about being a photographer in small town USA is having some sort of connection with almost every single client. Many clients I know personally. Those whom I don't, often know someone who knows someone that I know personally (sheesh..mouth full!). Some think this is a downside of small town livin' - but I say no, this is glorious! That aspect brings much richness to my sessions. 

This pretty mama pictured below was a school mate of mine in high school. We endured lots of two-a-day and after school volleyball practices together, as well as many bus rides to and from games (some happy, some tragic). It was so fun to meet her sweet baby doll at this session. This baby girl is going to be a riot! She's getting comfortable with herself and her smile and it was a blast to watch her personality unfold during our hour and a half together. 

Thanks for a great session, Lindsay and Brooklyn. You guys were so wonderful!